Isola Design Community - Eccentric Minimalism- Decorative Cushions - In their latest collection, SABBA Designs play Isola Design District
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From September 15 to November 20, you’ve got 10 votes every day, to assing to the projects of the twelve categories that most impressed you. It’s possibile to choose different projects, as well as giving more than one point to the same one.

At midnight of each day, the votes will be collected and each person will have the opportunity to re-vote.
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Your Votes

Sabba Designs
Geneva | Switzerland
SABBA Designs has curated a distinctive catalogue of music-inspired art and collectible designs for your home with an emphasis on sustainability and style. Founded by Swiss multi-disciplinary designer Sabine Baz her homeware items weave a sense of harmony exuding personality, vibrancy and modernity
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