Isola Design Community - Re-editions Wall Lamp - Wisse Trooster Edition - This June, Re-Editions, a collection of Isola Design District
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From September 15 to November 20, you’ve got 10 votes every day, to assing to the projects of the twelve categories that most impressed you. It’s possibile to choose different projects, as well as giving more than one point to the same one.

At midnight of each day, the votes will be collected and each person will have the opportunity to re-vote.
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Wisse Trooster
Eindhoven | Netherlands
Wisse Trooster is a passionately curious designer from The Netherlands. Trooster works with a variety of materials and in multiple disciplines. On Isola Goes Digital he launches his Circular wall lamp collection and relaunches his 900 cardboard pendant, both products have a focus on sustainability.
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