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by Cupra
Sunday 05 September 2021
Wednesday 08 September 2021
05.00 - 17.00
Milan | Italy

Fonderia Napolenica Eugenia - Via Thaon Di Revel, 21

Price: Free

CUPRA is an unconventional and contemporary automotive brand from Barcelona that challenges and inspires the world.

CUPRA is an unconventional and contemporary automotive brand from Barcelona that challenges and inspires the world.

CUPRA LIFEPLACE is coming to Milan: a space to discover the innovative vision of the brand, thanks to an Immersive Experience designed by REALITY IS_, an Italian-English creative startup.

A new light installation by M+S Lab will also be unveiled. Specialized talks about sustainability, electrification and design will take place.

Aperitif from 6pm alongside DJ Set


September 5th - 17.00

Sustainable design: implementation and challenges

Being sustainable is no longer a choice but a duty to be fulfilled as companies, people and communities. Implementing comprehensive sustainable solutions is one of the most important challenges of the next decade. What role does design play in this game?


September 6th - 17.00

Electrification: the future of sustainable mobility

Electrification of transport is a crucial component in achieving the European Union's target of cutting emissions by 55% by 2030. What changes are car manufacturers, governments and energy suppliers implementing to make this possible?


September 7th - 17.00

Design meets others: unexpected collaborations

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to cross paths in order to create something new and unexpected. For some time now, collaborations have been a way forward for many companies that seem to belong to distant worlds but can share a part of the road, as happened between L.G.R., MARSET and MIGLIORE + SERVETTO with CUPRA. Today, the automotive is no longer
Today, the automotive industry is no longer just about mobility, but also lifestyle. What were the elements that sparked off the collaboration?


September 8th - 17.00

Sportiness meets design

Sportsmanship is a way of life that represents almost the entire population. This translates into being one of the most important consumer trends of our time and design has been a key element in bringing sport to the centre of our lives. How have brands evolved to offer functional design to serve an increasingly wide audience?



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