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Thursday 09 June 2022
11.00 - 16.00
Milano | Italy

Via Carlo Farini 60
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From people to people: focusing on lives, stories, and skills. Sketchin wants to show how design and imagination can turn into value by sharing experiences, projects, and perspectives.

From people to people: focusing on lives, stories, and skills. Sketchin wants to show how design and imagination can turn into value by sharing experiences, projects, and perspectives.

Human to Human is an event for designers and professionals. It spreads design culture, innovation, and positive change. Its main focus is people, their stories, and how technology and design positively impact them. Periodically, Sketching invites a speaker among designers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startuppers, architects, historians, poets, and more to offer a different perspective on reality.

On this occasion, they’re planning a special edition where their designers are the ones discussing perspectives and drawing future trajectories.

June 9, from 5:00PM to 10:00PM | Sketchin Design Island pop-up studio
5:00PM - Welcome
Finally, Sketchin is back at organising design events to communicate its views, spread knowledge and spark discussions on relevant topics on projecting transformation and interpretation.
5:20PM - Silvio Cioni, General Manager Milano - Dispatches from the future: build narratives to deal with uncertainty and fuel innovation
Often when we talk about innovation we inevitably get to talk about the future as well.
Innovation is the key for organizations to evolve and remain relevant throughout time.
How can we support organizations in identifying emerging innovation opportunities? How can we use design tools to explore and anticipate alternative scenarios and help organizations become relevant in the future, today? Future-oriented innovation as a tool to deal with uncertainty and make organizations visionary agents of change.
5:40PM - Alex Cascarano, Executive Design Director & Head of Immersive Practice - How design can turn immersive tech into value
Like every technological transition, at first, we tend to replicate the past to make change more digestible. But why, in a world like the virtual one, with infinite possibilities, should we do that? We could explore entirely new landscapes, re-think our identities, and extend them endlessly. The expression space is yet unseen and unexplored, not only for spaces and identities but also for products and services. We must explore, experiment, and dare to create new ways and new languages.
6:00PM - Stefania Berselli, Design Director - Service design as a participatory practice
One of design’s superpowers is building shared meanings, generating spaces to walk together, and collaborating in the decision-making process. That is why it is an example of the democratic process. The process is the same for colleagues, users, or citizens. How to make the most of this quality for the common good?
6:20PM - Sarah Corti, Chief Design Officer - Different ethical “lenses” let us design with new eyes
Technology is not the end but a means and must be viewed as a tool capable of enabling experiences and bringing back an ethically recognizable value concerning what we do.
So the goal is to identify the best technology to respond meaningfully and justly to what we do. As designers, we need to imagine, discuss, and reflect on projects and technology's impacts, even the unpredictable ones.
6:40PM - Alberto Andreetto, Lead Designer - Interaction design is everywhere
Interaction design is a discipline that rules how a user interacts with a service. Despite this, it is mainly recognized in how we design an app or a website. In Sketchin, we often design interactions that are not digital but physical or human to human. This speech will cover the main aspects of interaction design and how we believe it will evolve.
7:00PM - Question time
7:20PM - Happy hour

How to participate
This is a private event. To get your invitation please register on Eventbrite. English Language.

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