Isola Design Agenda - MINIMAcolorata MDW22-MINIMAcolorata is a textile design and lifestyle project made in Milan Isola Design District
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Tuesday 07 June 2022
Sunday 12 June 2022
05.00 - 13.30
Milano | Italy

Via Carmagnola 1

Price: Free

MINIMAcolorata is a textile design and lifestyle project made in Milan.

Isola Design Gallery celebrates one-of-a-kind, handmade, handcrafted products made by independent designers and design studios from all over the world. A selection of the best collectible and bespoke pieces from Isola Design Community, with works inspired by architecture, art, minimalism, and sustainability, to draft the new lines for high-end design.

In one of the space’s sections, it is possible to discover all the shapes, materials and colors of chairs, one of the most traditional furnishing elements of our homes. Concurrently, Tommaso Spinzi presents a unique reinterpretation of the Palladium side table. Thanks to the collaboration with Isola and Catawiki, the earning of its sales will be devolved in support for Ukraine.

And if you fall in love with one of the pieces showcased, you can buy it through the dedicated QR code in the exhibition!

Participating designers and design studios:

Albert Potgieter, Alexandre Labruyère, Amber Dewaele, Andrés Anza, Artish Studio, Atelier Timon Mattelaer, Bodega Design, Cecilia, Yoko Emy, Design VA, Edoardo Lietti, Evgeniya Plotnikova + Marta Sandri, EX FIGURA, Form and Seek, Grob, Irene Segarra Rius, Irina, Flore Designer and Pietre Trovanti × AINA KARI, Jaclyn Pappalardo, Jaehyo Ko, Jos van Roosmalen, Juliana Maurer, KAOI, Kirse, Kolektt, Kukka, Lauren Goodman, Lebanto, Lola Van Praag, Lucas Zito, Malacou Lefebvre, Michele Hickey Gemin LAM Ceramica, Natchar Sawatdichai, New Craft House, Nikki Alagha, Noka.Design, Object Density, Olivier van der Mark, OME studio, Ricotta studio, Riel Bessai, Sander Nevejans, Sebastian Kommer, Sofie Wallenius Studios, Stance Studio, Studio Jeroen Van Veluw, Studio Lampent, Studio Naomi Remijn, StudioFER, Thibeau Scarcéraiux, Tommaso Spinzi, U-AK STUDIO, Valena Ammon,, Victor Hahner, Worn Studio

June 8 from 5:00PM to 8:30PM don't miss the special event to celebrate the 11th anniversary of MINIMAcolorata!

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