Isola Design Agenda - The New Paradigma MDW22-The New Paradigma invites the know-how sharing at an industrial heritage in Via Confalonieri 21 through performances and exhibitions Isola Design District
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Tuesday 07 June 2022
Sunday 12 June 2022
05.00 - 14.00
Milan | Italy

Via Confalonieri 21, Milan
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Price: Free

The New Paradigma invites the know-how sharing at an industrial heritage in Via Confalonieri 21, through performances and exhibitions.

Paradigm: a pattern or model, an exemplar; a typical instance of something, an example.

It’s time to accept a new paradigm as our currently used one is not working anymore. The system is constantly preparing for its doom. Mass-production, continuous consumption, and short life cycles of products bring this end faster... The way we design, project, and produce has to change and we can only do it by working Together As One.

In The New Paradigma, collectible design pieces blend into colors through live know-how performances and exhibitions by six designers selected from Isola Design Community.

“I wanted this space to celebrate that design and creativity have no limits, even if we have limited sources and different parameters to consider as designers of the time.”

Elif Resitoglu, Isola’s Creative Director and Curator.

Participating designers and design studios: Annalisa Iacopetti, Jonathan Bocca, Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Sarah Roseman, Studio Neue, Tom Jacobs.

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