Isola Design Agenda - INNOVATION FOR LIVING MDW23-For the first time ever Isola together with DesignTech and DesignWanted is presenting an exhibition within the technology innovation hub of Certosa Innovation for Living Isola Design District
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by Isoladesign
Tuesday 18 April 2023
Sunday 23 April 2023
05.00 - 12.00
Milano | Italy

Via Barnaba Oriani, 27
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Price: Free

For the first time ever Isola, together with DesignTech and DesignWanted, is presenting an exhibition within the technology innovation hub of Certosa, Innovation for Living.
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The chosen location, the Cattedrale, has a special meaning for the neighborhood and the city, as it communicates Milan's industrial heritage.

Therefore, it was chosen as a place in which to relaunch the most important issues for the future of the Design sector - a key engine for Italy's economic growth - issues that are also enhanced daily by the work of an innovation hub such as Designtech. Such as: sustainability (for a more effective and efficient use of resources), digital fabrication (for the rapid creation of models and prototypes by taking advantage of both additive - such as 3D printing - and subtractive - such as laser cutting and milling - fabrication techniques), augmented living (the augmented living spaces, i.e., products and environments designed and developed to meet the needs of humans as they grow from children to adults to the elderly, the needs of the cities of the future and the environment that hosts and tolerates us).

Keeping in line with Designtech spirit, the exhibition at Fuorisalone will be international. Potential future tenants of our ecosystem will be represented in Cattedrale's space, representing geographies, skills, ideas, and suggestions that arise at every level.

Designtech thoroughly studied the most suitable format that would work best and be a driving force for the entire sector. Pininfarina's intervention in the set-up concept is certainly an element that pushes one to consider the initiative destined for success, as is also the partnership with Isola and DesignWanted, which allowed the conception of the exhibition's theme Innovation for Living.

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