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What do we require to approve a profile?

Applicants should:

- Be good storytellers
- Have a sustainable vision
- Have curious, innovative, bespoke, and collectible pieces/projects
- Have great images and videos of their projects both in terms of resolution and production quality
- Have a complete profile including self description, contact info, profile picture, and a cover photo of a project
- Have good prototyping
- Present the project in an outstandingly aesthetic way
- Present a finished product of high-quality and craftsmanship

What is a Journal?

Journals are short stories where you can share images, videos, and NFTs different from projects. You don't need to have an approved profile to journal your design journey and share any opinions, news, stories, or processes.

You can talk about an exhibition you are curating/participating in or talk about exciting topics and create discussions.

Our editors might pick and pin your content to our community feed if your content is well done, so keep the quality of your content high!

Giving credits has never been this easy! You can always tag related projects, profiles, exhibitions, and virtual spaces in your journals.

By creating Journals on , you will reach an audience of curators, organizations, academies, design studios, designers, gallerists, and design enthusiasts to communicate your latest works, ideas, and design events you are taking part in.

What is the difference between a Journal and a Project?

In order to share a project and be presented in the projects section, you need to have an approved profile and a final project that fits with Isola's curatorial standards unlike with journals.

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How Can I Create a Virtual Space?

In order to create a virtual space, you need to have an approved profile or Partner Account.

It's really simple! by adding your 360 Renders you can create scenes and by adding hotspots you will be able to tag your projects, and add information labels.

Can I write my own articles or add my own events on the platform? is a curated platform and in order to add any platform content, you need to have a Partner or Editor Account.

But no worries if you think you have good content which is in line with our curatorial standards you can always request to have an Editor or Partner Account.

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Or you can simply send us your editorial Inquiries

If you would like us to write an article about your project, company, or brand on, contact:

If you would like us to add your upcoming event or exhibition on, contact:

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