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Isola Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on April 15th, 2024.
Please read this document carefully before using our services and accepting the terms and conditions.

This paper was produced by Isola Design Group srl, Viale Francesco Restelli 49, 20124, Milano © 2022, P.IVA 11907950965.

1. Provisions
By accepting this agreement, Isola undertakes to provide assistance before, during and after the event with the following services.
1.1 Preparation
Isola commits in helping the participant step by step, through video call or in-presence meeting, providing all the information and details needed. The participation fee includes the communication of the event and also of the individual Exhibitors on the website (personal page on the platform) and on the social profiles of Isola Design (Instagram story), on the online and offline channels offered by the Organizer, such as the creation of a press folder to share with media and press, as well as mentions on Isola press release - on the condition that the materials are received no later than the specified date. Extra services will be considered as excluded from the fee.
1.2 Event
In case of participation in a collective exhibition, Isola will provide the participant a spot in the location, overseeing the set-up of the exhibition. The Organizer will provide general lighting for the event. The location is illuminated for the days, so there is no need for additional lighting. If the exhibitor needs electric power, it will be provided, but accessories such as slippers and extensions must be provided by the exhibitor.
In case of participation in a solo exhibition, Isola will act as a mediator for location rental, that will be later entirely managed by the exhibitor.
Isola grants assistance during all the events with the team and the presence of infopoints.

2. Registration Procedure and Participation
The Exhibitor, by applying with Isola, acknowledges and expressly accepts as follows:
2.1 Application
The designer will apply with pictures/videos, descriptions, materials, and measurements of the projects they wish to exhibit, to have a full understanding of the evaluation process.
The designer agrees to provide the right information in the application form. When sharing the materials, the designer will make sure that the folder is accessible to anyone and at any time.
2.2 Project
Participants should be aware that when applying they need to inform Isola with which company name and project name they want to participate.
The project the participant applies with is the project they want to show.
After the approval of the team of the above-mentioned name and project, some changes might be possible before the content deadlines, only via a previous written agreement with Isola. The Exhibitor guarantees that the sale or use of its products and the online communication materials provided (photos, videos, etc.) don’t violate any trademark, trade name or registered Italian or foreign design. The responsibility for the violation of these rights belongs to the exhibitor. Exhibitors accept and assume responsibility for paying for any damages caused to Isola Design Group in violation of these rights. In addition, the exhibitor authorizes Isola Design Group to use commercial photos and videos sent by the exhibitor to Isola Design Group for product promotion.
2.3 Exhibition Plan
To participate in the exhibition, participants must choose among the available types of plans, which can be changed later in the application, only via a previous written agreement with Isola by observing the deadlines.
2.3.1 Dedicated location
The participant is in charge of the setup and design of the exhibition. Isola will only act as a mediator between the lessor and the lessee of the location.
2.3.2 Collective exhibition
The exhibition design is managed by Isola. The participant can choose among different plans, considering that the dimensions of the area and the positioning of it will be determined after the reception of all the materials required for the project (2.1 and 2.2).
After the approval of the participant's application, a change of plan is only possible after Isola’s approval.
2.4 Refunding
In case of termination of participation, Isola does not guarantee any refund. If the cancellation is received within 45 days before the start of the event, it may be possible to agree on the use of the participation fee in another event of your choice among those available.
If the exhibition does not take place due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizer shall not be liable in any way for any damage and/or inconvenience incurred by the Exhibitor and shall only be required to refund 50% of the sums already paid by the Exhibitor, without incurred interest.
2.5 Payment
Payment must be made no later than the date indicated in the confirmation email. If the payment deadline is not met, Isola reserves the right to not guarantee the availability of the space and can rent it out to another party.

3. Content Deadlines
Participants will be informed about the deadlines for providing content to Isola by e-mail. In case the deadline is not met by the participant, they can still participate but might not be included in (some of) the communication materials both online and offline.
3.1 Press Folder
A dedicated press folder to collect all the materials will be visible on the participant dashboard after the participation payment has been received. The shared folder will be part of Isola’s Press Kit and will be sent to Media and Press contacts.
3.2 Profile project page on isola.design
Participants will be required to create a company profile and project page on isola.design. Through this platform, it will be possible to share your works, gaining visibility and exposure among our Community.

4. Shipping
Whether the participant is not able to bring the project by themselves to the exhibition, they must arrange for shipment with a logistic company at the following conditions:
4.1 Shipping Information
Isola's company information cannot be used as export data to countries other than the initial one;
Personal data of Isola Design contacts provided for shipments must be used solely as reference names and not for import/export processes; therefore, the shipment cannot appear as private.
Only if this information is followed will the shipping label(s) be valid to us and the parcel can be delivered to the courier; otherwise the participant has to change the information and reschedule a new shipping;
Isola does not provide porterage services. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the shipment carefully with the chosen company and ensure that they have suitable means available when needed (ex. For overweight parcels).
Customs duties are the responsibility of the Participant; shipments must be DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).
Isola bears no responsibility to contact couriers or logistics companies to solve shipping related issues.
4.2 Shipping incoming
Upon request, Isola will give the participants information on the shipping in the dedicated section, such as shipping delivery dates, contact references, and addresses. Shipments must comply with the following requirements:
Shipping costs, taxes, and arrangements are the responsibility of the participant; Isola only accepts parcels on the dates provided to the participants before the event.
In case of delivery on other dates, it's the responsibility of the participant to find and pay for temporary storage;
If the parcel arrives after the setting up days, Isola is allowed not to showcase the project in the event, without having to return the participation fee. This is also the case for parcels that get stuck at customs;
Should exhibitors fail to send their products to the previously established location, the organizer will be entitled to claim potential damages for the inconvenience caused. Isola is not obligated to send an email upon successful receipt. The customer is kindly requested to track the shipment and ensure its receipt with the courier. Isola will make it a priority to contact the customer should any issues arise with the package delivery.
4.3 Shipping returning
For the return of the item, the following directions should be observed: Shipping costs, taxes and arrangements are the responsibility of the participant;
The return of the product must be arranged within one day after the event. After that period, Isola is not responsible for storing the product or returning it to the designer;
Costs might be applied for the delay pick up;
The required documents and labels for the return shipping should be provided by the participant to Isola a minimum of three days before the end of the event;
The extra packing service should be requested before the beginning of the event. It is mandatory to pack the project carefully, so the packing materials can be reused for the return.
If the parcel arrives damaged or inoperable due to its packaging (such as being sealed with nails) Isola is not responsabile to assist the participant for the repack.
4.4 Storage
Storage availability depends on the location and it’s not guaranteed for all locations. This includes shipping crates and boxes of any size.
Costs might be applied for storage.

5. Insurance
We kindly warn that during the duration at the exhibition, the design objects on display may be subject to damage, accidental breakage, loss or deterioration in any way. Despite all our efforts to ensure the safety of the exhibits, the exhibition organization disclaims any responsibility for such eventualities.
It should also be noted that the exhibition organization has no insurance to cover damage, breakage, loss or other deterioration of the exhibits. Therefore, in case of damage or loss, the participant cannot claim any compensation or reimbursement from the organization.
Participants are therefore urged to exercise extreme caution while visiting the exhibition and to avoid any behavior that could jeopardize the integrity of the exhibits.

6. Exhibition
Dedicated locations will arrange times and details with the property, while the participants of the collective exhibition must comply with the following directions:
6.1 Setting up exhibition
If the delivered or brought along product is not the same as agreed with Isola, the Organizer is allowed to not show the work at the exhibition;
If the designer brings more pieces than what was agreed, Isola does not guarantee to have the space to showcase them all and an extra fee could be applied;
Isola is responsible for the layout and setup design of the exhibition and has the final call. However, the wishes and ideas of the participants will be taken into consideration. There might be extra fees based on the difficulty and/or time of setup required for a specific product in case the designer is not there (see point 6.);
6.2 During the event
The exhibitor is responsible for the operations carried out by him directly or by third parties and is liable for any damage caused to persons or property and undertakes to keep the organizer fully indemnified and refund eventual damages to the venue, the booth, or to other objects within the exhibition. The organizer is not responsible for damage to property and persons resulting from the handling and transport of the above goods and objects;
The organizer undertakes to take care of the items on display at the various stages of the event, should this be necessary, but is not liable in any case for any theft, damage, or loss;
The Organizer has the right to reproduce, also by means of persons in charge, photos, and videos of general and detailed views, external and internal, of the exhibition and of the individual brands;
During the closing hours of the premises, it is expressly and absolutely forbidden for anyone (including employees/collaborators/employees of the Exhibitor) to remain within the exhibition area, unless special permission from the Organizer;
6.3 Taking down exhibition
The pick up of the product is only possible within given hours and days. Make sure that any travel plans are possible when you take back your items with you (see point 4.3).
6.4 Contents
The stories/posts/articles and other materials included in the selected plans are guaranteed before, during, or after the event. All materials will be selected in accordance with Isola's editorial plan and curatorial choices.
The stories/posts/articles and other materials included in the selected plans are guaranteed before, during, or after the event. All materials will be selected in accordance with Isola's editorial plan and curatorial choices.
Should the Participant fail to meet the deadline for uploading the required materials to the Press Kit or if the shared content does not align with Isola's social media channels, the Organizer may request additional time to share them or opt to create alternative content (e.g., a graphic).
Approval of such content by the Participant is not required.
Taking and sharing photos of the exhibited product(s) during the event is not mandatory unless the Participants have purchased the extra service for the dedicated photoshoot
For all the extra services purchased on the dashboard, it is necessary to consider the description of the service as the reference for delivery terms and further details.

7. Extra Fees
Additional charges may apply if the products have special needs, including assembly, installation, or handling of exceeding weight. You have the option to waive these fees if you accept full responsibility for any eventual labor, tools, and costs required for the installation.

8. Extra services
A list of extra services with varying fees is available on the Participant dashboard. The same Terms and Conditions stated in this document also apply to all of these services.

9. Contact
Isola pledges to answer emails within 48 hours. In case of an event happening, it might be possible to get a reply later. We apologize in advance for any possible delay.
The office hours are 9am to 6pm CET, from Monday to Friday. For any urgent inquiries, please contact hello@isola.design or number +39 3201357924 via Whatsapp only.

10. Liabilities
The Exhibitor undertakes to indemnify the Organizer substantially and procedurally, keeping it harmless from any loss, damage, liability, or expense arising from the use of the stand and the exhibition area. In addition, the exhibitor accepts that the Organizer doesn't assume any responsibility for damages caused to persons or things, by anyone or in any way caused.

11. Privacy
The Exhibitor authorizes the processing of his personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003.
By paying the participation fee, the Exhibitor declares that they specifically approve the Terms and Conditions stated in the document, in accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, all the articles in this contract.

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