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Eindhoven | Netherlands


We have invited designers to look over the current standards in the past few years to develop clever, sustainable, and life-changing solutions for new needs and a better future.
But, is that enough?

Nowadays, designers, producers, researchers, architects, managers, users, all the the design industry stakeholders are called to be part of a whole. Design is not the final act anymore, the result of a process, but it is the process itself. And the process involves everyone.

At Dutch Design Week 2022 Isola will be, more than ever, a physical and digital platform to connect all the actors in the Design Community, taking advantage of a fast-growing network to create an eco-system where the keywords are sharing, collaborating and experience.
We want to match different knowledge and expertise, let all the parties improve each other, push the boundaries, and exploit the opportunity to be together, Together as one.

Dutch Design Week 2022
22 - 30 October

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Whatsapp: +39 320 1357924
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