Dutch Design Week 2024 of isola design festival at Strijp-S with collective exhibitions an music events with international designers form all over the world 
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This Future is Currently Unavailable

Isola’s annual theme for 2024 is a statement to provoke mainly but not only the design community into action. This Future is Currently Unavailable, so it’s up to us to change it rather than give up.

To move towards the future, designers must embrace experimentation and collaboration across all fields and disciplines, seek innovative solutions, and keep in mind that design should have a collective impact on the planet and on humanity as well.

  Continue reading For Isola Design Festival 2024, during the upcoming Dutch Design Week, Isola will go to the boundaries of design thinking, to look into new ways of generating value through ideas, projects, and solutions. By bringing together designers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, the event will inspire a holistic approach that transcends borders and traditional ways of seeing design. Highlighting, as always, forward-looking proposals that mix innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship, Isola unites diverse fields into a promising design multiverse, showcasing the potential face of this industry in the years ahead.

Dutch Design Week

Isola returns to Eindhoven for its sixth edition, and for the first time, at the heart of the Dutch Design Week in the vibrant location of Area 51 at Strijp-S.

Following this year’s theme, This Future is Currently Unavailable, Isola celebrates the power of design to shape the future and connect with a global audience eager to discover the next big thing.

  Continue reading Are you a visionary designer looking to make your mark on the world stage? Don’t miss the chance to showcase your projects at Dutch Design Week 2024!

Photo Credits: Henk Binnendijk
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Isola is the first all-in-one curated digital platform offering visibility to emerging designers, design studios, and independent designers around the world, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.
Isola also organizes an in-person event, Isola Design Festival, that takes place four times a year, during Milan Design Week, our first adventure, to London Design Festival, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, and Dubai Design Week, hosting dozens of exhibitions, hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of visitors.

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