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Isola Design Awards is back:
apply to the 2022 edition!

Isola Design Awards

We are thrilled to present the new edition of the annual Isola Design Awards. The second edition of the digital contest bringing the foremost of architecture, interiors, design studios, individual architects, and designers producing the most inspiring work from all over the world. Opening space for the celebration of outstanding works, we aim to empower and give the stage to the designers focussing on quality, innovation, sustainability, experimenting with artisanal techniques as well as novel technologies and approaches.

As Isola, located in the heart of Milan’s design district, we are delighted to carry the legacy of design, weaving, and growing a phygital network of brilliant creatives and designers.

Thus, for Isola Design Awards 2022, we have tripled the number of categories exploring the latest design trends and bringing together all the stakeholders in the design industry. With a top international juror panel, emerging designers and independent studios from all over the world will have the opportunity to win a free spot for Milan Design Week 2023.

Isola Design Awards 2022 will kickstart with the opening of entries on 15 March 2022 and will be finalized with a grand awards ceremony on 15 December 2022.


Isola Design Awards 2022 features 12 categories. There will be three judges for each category.


This year's juror panel has been carefully selected and consists of international leading figures from the architecture and design world. Offering a cross-border stage to the inspiring work of the Isola Design Awards 2022 participant. Each cluster of related categories consists of 3 jurors, for a total of 36 profiles between designers, architects, companies, entrepreneurs, scholars, journalists, influencers, and photographers, a curated selection based on their experiences and focus areas.


This year’s trophy is designed by the awarded Spanish creative studio Masquespacio, founded by Ana Milena Hernández and Christophe Penasse, and will be created by the designer Prósper Riba Vilardell, founder of The Glass Apprentice, who participated in the last edition of Milan Design Week 2021. The style is defined by Masquespacio's unique and recognizable approach, characterized by fresh, innovative, and authentic features.

Every shortlisted and winning entry will be published on and shared via our wide social media and newsletter audiences, bringing significant recognition to successful entrants as well as being a part of our curated design community for further success and collaborations. Shortlisted and winning studios will be able to promote their participation in Isola Design Awards 2022 with a special badge. In addition, winners of each category will get a trophy and a free space to exhibit their works during Milan Design Week 2023.

How to apply

Fill the form below, choosing one or more categories and including a cloud link with all the details about your project.

If the project passes our curatorial team's selection, we'll send you a confirmation email with further details.

The confirmation email includes a link to our secure payment system where you can finalize your participation.

Fill out the form
to apply and share your work with the world.

Important Dates

MARCH 15 - AUGUST 31 Open call for applications
SEPTEMBER 15 Project shortlist announced, public voting opens
NOVEMBER 1 Jury voting opens
NOVEMBER 20 Jury and public voting closes
DECEMBER 1 Top 3 projects in each category announced
DECEMBER 15 Awards Ceremony

2021: The First Edition

Last year’s successful first edition hosted all the talented designers and jury, multiple events, meetups, networking events were held and the event ended with a grand ceremony in Bosco Verticale bringing all actors of the Isola Design Awards.
The winners were widely promoted via Isola's physical networks and social media channels as well as having the chance of exhibiting their work at Milan Design Week 2022.

Milan Design Awards 2021 Winning Projects

What are the requirements to submit a project?
From emerging designers to independent design studios, from graduating students to future-oriented brands, anyone can apply to Isola Design Awards if the projects submitted match the the evaluation criteria. Unlimited projects can be submitted for each category.
What are the deadlines?
It will be possible to apply from 15/03/2022 to 31/08/2022. The winners will be announced on 15/12/2022.
How much does the submission cost and which payment methods are accepted?
The submission is free. You will pay 65€ + VAT (if due) for each category you choose, but only if your project passes the first selection by our curatorial team.
What materials are required with my submission?
For the submission you must add a cloud link (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, and similars) with a presentation of the project where you must include an informative text that tells the story of your work (max 600 words), high quality images and/or renders, and possibly also videos.
The projects submitted need to contain a detailed description, images, videos and a great storytelling to let the jury, the sponsors and the public to comprehend all about your work. Isola’s crew will be leading you in case of needs in the presentation.
Can I apply with the same project to different categories?
Yes, you can apply to multiple categories with the same work. However, you will have to pay for each category if selected.
What prizes will be awarded to winners?
All the winners will get the Isola Design Awards 2022’s trophy. In addition, the winners of the first prize of each category, so the ones that gets the highest score from the Jury vote, will get a free space to exhibit their projects during Milan Design Week 2023, and the ones nominated by the sponsors will get the special sponsor award.
In which cases can I use the logo of Isola?
All the nominees and the winner will get the copyright to use the specific logo and it can be used limitlessly to any material communication, online and offline.
Do I get a refund if I do not pass the first selection?
No, the first selection is already part of the competition and gives you the right to enter the project to the platform with a Basic Plan. If you don’t pass the first step, it will not be possible to get a refund and to have the Basic Plan on
If the winning project is a render, how could it be
presented at Milan Design Week 2023?
It will be up to your creativity: prototypes, if possible, would be the best choice, but you can also present it through images, videos, or prints focusing on your inventiveness!
Can I apply with more than one project?
Yes, you can apply with any of your projects, however you will have to make multiple submissions: one for each project.
IDA 2022 regulation

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