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Are you ready to get in the game and set yourself apart in the design industry?
At Isola, we believe in the enduring qualities of innovation, creativity, and daring adventure that are deeply rooted in the design field. This belief is reflected in our logo, the pirate flag, which symbolizes the fearlessness that designers must have in pursuing uniqueness and excellence. As a hub for creativity and design innovation, we are proud to present the third edition of Isola Design Awards.

The Isola Design Awards 2023 aim to inspire and empower designers to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of their craft. Our 10 categories explore the latest design trends, bringing together architects, interior designers, design studios, and independent designers from all over the world.
If you are a designer with a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, we invite you to participate in the challenge. By submitting your best work to our international panel of judges, you have the chance to win a free spot at Milan Design Week 2024, a cash prize, and/or other special awards such as a trophy designed by Tellurico, an internationally recognized design studio based in the Netherlands.

It's your chance to gain unique visibility, recognition, and prestige among the top up-and-coming designers. Join us today and show your talent on a global stage!
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Application and Key Dates for Isola Design Awards 2023
Isola Design Awards 2023 will kickstart with the opening of entries on 15th of April 2023 and will be finalized with a grand awards ceremony on the 1st of December 2023. All details about the 2023 Award will soon be found in a Fact Sheet as a PDF file for download. Until then, feel free to take a look at the previous regulations of the IDA 2022.
  • 1
    15 April 2023
    Applications open
  • 2
    Applications close
    15 September 2023
  • 3
    15 June 2023
    Shortlist announced
  • 4
    Public and jury voting open
    15 September 2023
  • 5
    15 June 2023
    Award ceremony
Isola Design Awards Trophy
Each year, we collaborate with a different artist to craft a unique trophy that captures the spirit of our design philosophy. From established artists to up-and-coming talents, each one brings their unique vision and creativity to the project, resulting in a stunning and unforgettable trophy that embodies the very best of design.
Francesco Pace, the founder of Tellurico, a multidisciplinary design studio, will design this year's award. With a Master of Contextual Design from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Francesco's practice focuses on investigating alternative solutions through the study of folklore and the relationship between crafts and the environment.

His work intertwines the historical, geological, and social aspects of humankind with the uniqueness and simplicity of everyday life.

Francesco has been nominated as one of the Best Italian Designers Under 40 by Platform Magazine in 2020, won the prestigious Officine Saffi Awards in 2021 with his project Telluride, and has been listed among the Next Pure Talent of 2022 by Elle Decor.

He has presented his works in various international venues, including the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, and the Triennale di Milano. Francesco is based in the Netherlands and has received commissions from different galleries such as Emma Scully Gallery New York, Side-Gallery in Barcelona, and Mint London.
Welcome to the previous editions of Isola Design Awards!
Take a trip down memory lane and discover the winning designs from 2021 and 2022. Browse through our collection and see how our past winners brought their creative visions to life. Get inspired by the range of innovative designs across the different categories.
Milan Design Awards 2022 Winning Projects
Join us in celebrating their talent and creativity!
Isola Awards competition aims to empower designers to be innovative in their products and design processes, using both existing and emerging technologies.

We offer a range of sponsorship packages and can customize them to meet your specific objectives, ensuring a collaboration that creates value for both partners. As a sponsor, you will enjoy increased visibility among our global community of design professionals and access to Isola's wider audience through our various marketing and communication channels, as well as enhanced visibility through editorial mentions and links.

If you would like to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities for the Isola Design Awards 2023 and request a sponsorship pack, please contact our awards team at

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