Dutch Design Week 2023 
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For the fifth consecutive year, Isola will celebrate creativity, innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship with its design community at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Following Isola’s theme of this year, Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens, Isola is gathering design professionals with a joint mission of reimagining the future of design through the most innovative sustainable approaches.

Joining forces with talented local design studios and woodworkers workshops, Isola is set to craft immersive and captivating exhibitions for showcasing the infinite possibilities given by the merging of traditional tools and contemporary techniques.

How it works?
Choose your plan
Choose the plan that fits you best. It is not binding, and can change it later if you choose to participate.
Fill the form
Fill the application form and wait for approval. To fill the form you need to log in or sign up with an email and password.
Our curatorial team will let you know if your project has been selected and send you all the information you need.
If you want to be part of the event, you will be directed to our secure payment process and finalize the participation.
How it works?
Pick your plan
Collective exhibition
Pick your plan:
Collective exhibition
Fill out the form
to send your application to send your application
Selected plan: One product 390€ + VAT (if due)

Registration mail
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Designer name / Brand name
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Dedicated post on our social channels
Be featured on our social media channels with a dedicated post during or after DDW23, we are on Instagram, Linkedln, Facebook, and TikTok.
250€ + VAT (if due)
Dedicated press launch of the exhibited project
Reach a wider audience through a dedicated press release that will be launched with a newsletter to our network of press contacts.
1.850€ + VAT (if due)
Set-up assistance
In case you need some specific materials or installations for your exhibition, our partners can provide it for you.
Important Dates
MAY 15
Applications opens
Applications deadline
Dutch Design Week 2023
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Isola is the first all-in-one curated digital platform that supports emerging designers, design studios, and independent designers from all over the world, helping them get visibility and create connections. Isola also organizes an in-person event, Isola Design Festival, that takes place three times a year, during Milan Design Week, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven and Dubai Design Week hosting dozens of exhibitions, hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of visitors.

Isola Design District is constantly evolving and has become a reference for journalists, companies, buyers, and design lovers, who truly believe in a future where design is essential to foster a virtuous circle towards and beyond sustainability.

The ultimate deadline to apply to Dutch Design Week 2023 with Isola Design District is September 17, 2023.

Taking part in a collective exhibition has a lot of advantages. First of all it will give you the chance to interact and create connections for future collaborations with designers, design studios and sponsors of the exhibition. Secondly, costs and expenses will be shared amongst the group, lowering the prices. Lastly, it could be a good way to launch your project into the market and make sales.

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