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 Isola Design Agenda - Dubai Design Week 2024-Design festival Dubai Design Week returns from 5 to 10 November 2024 hosting a programme of exhibitions workshops talks and design fair Downtown Design 
by Dubai Design Week
Tuesday 05 November 2024
Sunday 10 November 2024
04.00 - 13.00
Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Dubai Design District
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Design festival Dubai Design Week returns from 5 to 10 November 2024, hosting a programme of exhibitions, workshops, talks and design fair Downtown Design.
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Dubai Design Week returns this winter for its landmark 10th edition. From 5-10 November, Dubai Design District (d3), will transform into a hub of inspiration and artistry, as architects, designers, brands, artists and institutions converge in a celebration of creativity.

The showcase not only spotlights the talent present in the UAE and beyond, but also demonstrates the latest trends and discoveries in the artistic sector. Attendees can participate in a diverse itinerary that includes exhibitions, installations, talks, workshops and immersive projects. The programme also offers a bustling marketplace, Downtown Design, where you can get insights into all the advancements in the industry and opportunities to meet experts.

For Isola Design Festival 2024, during the upcoming Dubai Design Week, Isola will go to the boundaries of design thinking, to look into new ways of generating value through ideas, projects, and solutions. Find out more here.

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