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 Isola Design Agenda - KIOSK OF RECIPROCITY-A mobile project promoting convivial ground and collaborative welfare in Milan 
by Collective Works, Constructlab, Temporiuso
Monday 15 April 2024
Sunday 21 April 2024
04.00 - 14.00
Milan | Italy

Via Gaetano de Castilla 26

Price: Free

A mobile project promoting convivial ground and collaborative welfare in Milan.
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The Kiosk of Reciprocity is a mobile device to promote Convivial Ground and collaborative welfare, in Milan. It will be inaugurated at Stecca3, during the Milan Design Week, and will be able to move and activate a proximity economy in other socio-cultural hybrid spaces and neighbourhood.

Kiosk of Reciprocity è un dispositivo mobile, un bar e infopoint per promuovere spazi di convivialit e un welfare collaborativo. Sar inaugurato alla Stecca3 durante la Milano Design Week e sar poi a disposizione per attivare economie solidali in altri spazi ibridi socioculturali.

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Whatsapp: +39 320 1357924
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