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 Isola Design Agenda - Re-campaign re-used advertising canvasses tell a new story-Re-campaign re-used advertising canvasses tell a new story by studio mo man tai 
by Mo Man Tai
Monday 15 April 2024
Sunday 21 April 2024
04.00 - 13.00
Milan | Italy

Via Valtellina 5

Price: Free

"Re-campaign" re-used advertising canvasses tell a "new" story by studio mo man tai.
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Selected canvasses that had an impressive size and originally covered building facades are re-used through cutting and sewing. By playing with layers, volumes, colour contrasts and graphics, studio mo man tai draws attention to new themes that deserve a "campaign".

Tele selezionate di dimensioni imponenti, che originariamente ricoprivano facciate di edifici, vengono riutilizzate attraverso il taglio e la cucitura. Giocando con gli strati, i volumi, i contrasti di colore e la grafica, lo studio mo man tai richiama l'attenzione su nuovi temi.

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Whatsapp: +39 320 1357924
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