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Isola Design Group srl
Operational office: Viale Francesco Restelli 49, 20124 Milano
Whatsapp: +39 320 1357924

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Isola Design District’s Team
Gabriele Cavallaro

Founder & CEO

Elif Resitoglu

Founder & Creative Director

Giulio Nicoletti

Event Manager

Nicola Nicoletti

Event Manager

Wisse Trooster

Business Developer

Juan Torres

External Curator

Silvia Laera

Social Media Manager & Copywriter

Eda Buyukbas

Web Developer

Rodny Aquino

Content Manager & PR

Laetitia Jbeily

Project Manager Assistant

Laura Brun

Account & Community Manager

Anna Bolletti

Social Media Manager & Copywriter

Valeria Beccari

Graphic Designer

Rana Ali

Graphic Designer

Alessandra Benzi

Event & Partnership Manager

Mariateresa D'Imperio

Assistant Curator


Isola’s exhibition Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens takes place within the Material Matters fair from 20-23 September 2023.

A reservation is required to enter the exhibition that is open September 20-23 from 10am - 6pm . You can follow this link to RSVP a visit to the exhibition and the evening events.

The exhibition will be a showcase of design pieces that focus on a mindful circular design approach, highlighting innovative creations that use regenerative resources, minimize carbon dioxide emissions, and repurpose waste materials. With a scenic layout design setup and a suggestive cafe/bar at the center.

You can find all events in our Agenda, divided by type and day. Saving them is very simple, register for free on our Platform and you will be able to add your favorite events to your profile.

Yes, it is possible to take photographs inside the exhibitions.

The possibility of touching objects within the exhibition will be specified in their info labels. It is recommended not to touch anything unless clearly stated on the info label. If in doubt ask someone from our team before touching.

You can buy the products marked with the appropriate icon, which indicates those on sale. Buying products is very simple, you can do it directly from your smartphone by framing the QR code in the info label next to the item. For purchase support or information on how to pick up the product, just ask our team at the Infopoints or at the Isola exhibitions.